Monday, March 26, 2018

Flight Skill for DragonQuest

While DragonQuest does include some brief guidelines for aerial combat under the rules section for Avians, these rules are pretty limited.  Characters wishing to fight from horseback must improve their Horsemanship skill or risk losing control of their mount.  So it follows that a character, whose flight ability is not natural, but granted through magic, would also need to gain skill in Flight.  To that end I put together some house rules for my campaign.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Holidays and the New Year

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season.

Well, between the holidays and working on my ongoing campaign, I've managed to go another two months without a DragonQuest blog post.  I do have several partial ideas in the works but haven't been able to devote significant time to them.

When I haven't been working on my current DragonQuest campaign I've been working on more MapTool macros for automating our online game sessions.  The DragonQuest rules do not lend themselves to automation easily as there is little actual consistency in the mechanics for skills, combat or magic.  Even so, I've made some pretty good process and will probably have something to share in the not too distant future.

Rodger Thorm over at Antherwyck House Games has a new blog post up on DragonQuest in 2018.  Worth checking out.

Happy gaming in 2018 everyone.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Spy/Thief Skill in DragonQuest

A constant among RPGs is the idea of a thief character that helps get the adventuring party through locked doors and past dangerous traps or acquires the critical piece of information by picking the pocket of an opponent.  DragonQuest has their own take with the Spy and Thief Skill and this is my look at the ins and outs of the skill.
Though written up in one section of the rules, Spy and Thief are learned and advanced as two separate skills.  The description in the DragonQuest rules says,
The spy and the thief practice their trades covertly, in order to avail themselves of the well-guarded wealth of the powerful.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I'm back again...

It's been a hectic few months and I just never managed to scrape together the time to put together any posts for the blog.  Of course I realized too late that I should have just been posting something instead of hoping that the time needed to get something together would just magically appear.  Doubt that this was a real concern for many but I apologize for just going dark without saying anything.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Undead in DragonQuest

Undead are a staple of fantasy RPG adventures and DragonQuest includes the usual suspects.  However, undead in DragonQuest can be a challenge to GM as described in the rules.  In particular, a number of the Greater Undead (Night-Gaunts, Spectres, Wights, and Wraiths) are described as "waxing and waning", "half of this world and half of another plane" or "vary in substantiality in direct proportion to the time of day".  Does this mean that their physical attributes should also vary?  For Spectres, this is specifically stated as true but for the others it is unknown.  The rules suggest that most Greater Undead are Adepts.  Do their Ranks with spells also vary?  Again, except for Spectres, unknown.  No game mechanics for playing out this variability are given in the rules.  Sadly while providing a somewhat different take on undead from other RPGs the DragonQuest designers left a lot of questions unanswered.
Because of some discussion on the Yahoo! DragonQuest groups, and a couple of recent adventures targeted at DragonQuest that featured or included undead, I decided to review again what is and is not there in the DragonQuest rules concerning the undead.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Usable Maps

Recently there was a blog post on the Monsters and Manuals blog about what makes a map useful or not and Cecil posted his own thoughts on it on his own Sword Peddler blog.  This prompted me to gather some of my thoughts about what makes a map usable (in contrast to useful as applied in the blog posts) in Virtual Tabletop programs.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

DragonQuest House Rules

I'm guessing that every DragonQuest GM out there has at least a couple house rules for their DragonQuest campaign and I'm no different.  Whether they are subtle changes to rules, different interpretations of DragonQuest's sometimes vaguely-worded rules or new skills, spells, weapons and colleges, every campaign has its own rules.  This is, of course, true for pretty much any RPG system out there but the collapse of SPI and the disinterest of TSR meant that DragonQuest hasn't really grown and evolved since its release.  Any changes or development for DragonQuest has been left to fans of the system through house rules.