Thursday, September 29, 2016

My DragonQuest Campaigns

Thought I would put up a brief post about how I run DQ campaigns and a bit of my gaming background.  This may provide some insight into where I am coming from in my musings on DQ.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Vision and Light in DragonQuest

Vision and Light in DragonQuest

Vision and light are rather vaguely defined in DragonQuest (DQ). Light sources aren't discussed at all within the rules and no details are provided for the four light sources found in the rules (candle, candle lantern, oil lantern and torch) such as radius of illumination or for what period of time they last. The majority of other RPGs available during the time when DragonQuest was released included this information so, to me, it was an odd thing to leave out.

I'm going to look at the vision types described for the various races and monsters in DQ, the types of vision granted by spells, the spells that produce light, and the spells that obscure vision. I'm not going to propose any changes or fixes in this post but may do so in a later one.

Oh boy! Another Gaming Blog

Yes, Another Gaming Blog.

In part due to some recent discussion on a Yahoo! DragonQuest list I've been putting together some thoughts about the game and how it works.  I was thinking about the best way to share these and decided that maybe a blog would be the way to go.

Some, or many, of the posts to come will likely be about the flaws or shortcomings in the DQ rules as I see them. To the DQ fans who might stumble upon this blog know that DQ is still far and away my preferred system for fantasy gaming.

I'll post a few and see how this works.

What Is DragonQuest?

DragonQuest is a Fantasy Role-Playing Game first published by Simulations Publications, Incorporated (SPI) back in 1980 with a 2nd edition released in 1981 with slight update to it published by Bantam in 1982.  A 3rd edition was released by TSR in 1989 after their purchase of SPI.  A more detailed description can be found at Wikipedia.