DragonQuest downloads.

Various files in support of blog posts or documents for use in playing DragonQuest. In general I am going to post things in either PDF or OpenOffice format unless someone asks for something else.

Worksheets for Magic Colleges

Each of these OpenOffice spreadsheets is for a single magic college. I use them for my adept characters and NPCs.  Entering in the Rank for each spell allows you to see the Cast Chance, Duration and Range as well as the EP cost for the next Rank and how much experience you have spent on any particular spell overall.  The EP costs are calculated using the discount granted for having an MA over 15. In my campaigns I allow this on Special Knowledge and not just General. Each spreadsheet has a drop-down to enable/disable this option.
Thanks to David Barrass who created the Quick Reference document that made it easy to transfer all the spells into a spreadsheet.  Also thanks to Craig Brain for the Arcane Wisdom PDF.  Except for those colleges that came in Arcane Wisdom these are based on the 2nd Edition of DQ, Bantam printing.

Revised Colleges

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