Thursday, November 17, 2016

DragonQuest Special Damage Chart

Looking at one of my older DragonQuest rule books I noticed I had made a correction in it to the [18.2] Special Damage Table.  I generally just do the math in my head to calculate the Grievous and Endurance damage ranges and so rarely look at the actual table.  I had forgotten about the change I had made and why I had made it.  Well the table as published in all three editions has a mistake that affects two of the ranges of Modified Strike Chances.
The range beginning with 24 should end at 29 and not 28.  Which of course means that the range starting at 29 should really be 30 thru 36.  The Grievous chance for a Strike Chance of 29 is 5% of 29 or 1.45 which would round to 1 and not 2.  Likewise the Endurance chance would be 15% of 29 or 4.35 which would round to 4 and not 5 as shown in the original chart.  So 29 clearly should be up one level on the 1% — 4% line.

So here is the corrected chart as a PNG image.  Click on it to get the full size version.

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to calculate the Grievous and Endurance chances for a Strike Chance of 30 to verify the chart is now correct.

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