Saturday, October 22, 2016

Worksheets for Magic Colleges

I've added individual spreadsheets for each magic college in DragonQuest and Arcane Wisdom (except Lesser Summonings) to the Downloads page.  I use them for my Adept characters to track my rank in the various spells and also which SK spells I have acquired.  As a GM I use them for NPCs so that I know what spells they have and at what Rank and Cast Chance.

Entering in the Rank for each spell allows you to see the Cast Chance, Duration and Range as well as the EP cost for the next Rank and how much experience you have spent on any particular spell overall.  The EP costs are calculated using the discount granted for having an MA over 15. In my campaigns I allow this on Special Knowledge spells and rituals and not just General Knowledge. Each spreadsheet has a drop-down to enable/disable this option.
Let me know if you find any errors so that I can fix them.

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