Friday, April 28, 2017

MapTool Campaign File v2 for DragonQuest

A nearly month-long RV trip and other issues have kept me too busy to get any new blog posts out but I did manage to get a basic user guide written for the MapTool campaign file that I use for running DragonQuest.  Version 2 of the campaign file includes a number of new macros and a lot of updates to the previous ones.
The combat macros have been updated to handle quite a bit of the strike chance modifiers found in DragonQuest.  There are also macros for managing a characters weapons as well as invested or cast spells.

A new example cave map was added just to show how vision and light interacts in MapTool.  It also shows more use of map objects.

Zip file with MT .cmpgn file and PDF user guide.

Here is the GM view showing what the composite player visible area is.
GM View
 Here is the Player view for just the human fighter.
Player View
The human limited to only seeing what is illuminated by the adept's light spell or the campfire can't see the bad guy with the crossbow behind the barrel.

The current macro set:
DQ Macro Set
Please let me know if you are using the campaign file and if I should keep posting updates to the blog.  Feedback on the macros and user guide would be appreciated.  Would also like to hear from anyone using a different VTT with DragonQuest.