Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh boy! Another Gaming Blog

Yes, Another Gaming Blog.

In part due to some recent discussion on a Yahoo! DragonQuest list I've been putting together some thoughts about the game and how it works.  I was thinking about the best way to share these and decided that maybe a blog would be the way to go.

Some, or many, of the posts to come will likely be about the flaws or shortcomings in the DQ rules as I see them. To the DQ fans who might stumble upon this blog know that DQ is still far and away my preferred system for fantasy gaming.

I'll post a few and see how this works.

What Is DragonQuest?

DragonQuest is a Fantasy Role-Playing Game first published by Simulations Publications, Incorporated (SPI) back in 1980 with a 2nd edition released in 1981 with slight update to it published by Bantam in 1982.  A 3rd edition was released by TSR in 1989 after their purchase of SPI.  A more detailed description can be found at Wikipedia.

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